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Cruise on the Web Community

Welcome to the community. Cruise on the Web has been created to pull together cruise enthusiast from around the world who want to see (sea?) what there is to discover and experience at cruise port around the world. At least, we want to be able to see what a port and the surrounding area looks like. That is were panoramas help considerably.

The world, however, is a really big place (despite the Internet!), and most folks only get to visit a small part of it. That is where the community comes in: we are all going to share our panoramas from cruise ports around the world. And we might even have some fun doing it.

So, here we have some forums to share our thoughts and feelings about cruising. Right now, the forums are open to anyone who wants to participate and can provide positive input for this realm. There are plenty of places to complain about things, this is not one of them.

Please participate to your level of comfort and help us see all that cruising, cruise ports, and your experiences have to offer.


Which port needs a panorama the most? Posted on Thursday, September 1, 2011

Since we haven't covered the world, which ports need to have panoramas available for viewing and why?