Create Panoramas with Brenton White Company

How to Make Panoramas

Once you have taken your shots, you'll want to create your panorama for displaying on a Web site or printing to hang on a wall. Making a panorama consists of three steps:

  1. Stitching
  2. Resizing and touching up
  3. Saving

Stitching can be accomplished by using Panorama stitiching software. This software runs from Freeware to very expensive applications. You can Google "panorama stitching software" and receive a large number of options. Having stitching software is a good idea so that you can see your images stitched even if you are having another company build your panorama for you. We recommend Arcsoft Panorama Maker for stitching. We've found that version 4 is better than 5, but either can be used and the professional version runs around $80.

Resizing and touching up is using a photo editing software, such as Photoshop, to resize and make corrections to the stitched panorama including, but not limited to, enlarging, sharpening, lighting, stitching artifacts, color, etc. Stitching is the easy part; resizing (without losing resolution) and touching up is the hard part. Few, if any, panoramas are ready after the stitiching step. Adobe Photoshop is the tool of choice for photo editing and is excellent for touching up panoramas. It is a powerful program and may not be the easist to learn for the beginner or occasional user. Photoshop Elements is an inexpensive alternative, but lacks many of the necessary tools to turn a nice shot into an excellent one.

Saving is the process of making sure you have a file of your panorama that suits the final use (or uses). If you want a beautiful, high-resolution print, you'll want to save at a size and resolution appropriate for the printer. If you want to share your image on the Web, you'll want to optimize your panorama file for small size and high quality. Most likely, you'll want to have a file for printing and one for sharing on the Web. Again, Photoshop is the choice as it allows a wide variety of options and should be the tool used for touching up. Panoramas can be saved directly from Arcsoft Panorama Maker, but it is limited in its choices.

Brenton White Company, LLC, who proudly presents Cruise on the Web, has a very special offer to create panoramas, letting you focus on your shots while they focus on your final panorama.

For just $19.95*, Brenton White Company, LLC takes your photos (up to 5 per panorama), stitches them together, sizes it for your use, sharpens, and color corrects it, resulting in a unique, high-resolution digital memory. With each panorama, you get::

  1. A Web-ready full-size image at 72 dpi
  2. A Web-ready thumbnail at the size you specify
  3. A Print-ready full-size image at 300 dpi
  4. Posting of the Panorama on Cruise on the Web (with your permission!)

Start Today! Call Brenton White Company, LLC at 970-203-0300 to discuss your requirements and we'll work with you to make your memories as panoramas. Resizing without losing quality is our specialty so you get a panorama that looks the way you expect.

Making panoramas: it's easy, fun, and you get to show them off to your friends and family.

*The starting price for processing is based on using up to 5 images with standard sharpening and color correction on the panorama. Stitching more than 5 photos (we've stitched 36 for the Walt Disney World EPCOT World Showcase panorama) and additional services, such as photo retouching and printing are available upon request at an extra charge.