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Surfer Duuuuude...It's, like, Christmas Eve...
Tuesday, December 24, 2013
By Auggie White, Land Yacht Enthusiast

Yo, hey...Duuuudes and duuuudettes...Here we are in California, my first trip to this totally tubular state. It's 70 degrees here - gnarly huh? No wet paws on the morning walks, which makes for a, like, radical start to my day. Just a little chilly first thing but nice and sunny today, oh wait, check that - it's sunny every day, gnarly huh, again! I'm spending the day in my man-cave while mom is away working, not having too much fun in that regard, but I'll make up for it tomorrow whizzing about at Aunt Kim's...and...by whizzing I mean, well, whizzing, what the heck did you think I meant?

Santa is surfin' in tonight duuuude, keep 'yer chimney clean and the milk and cookies at least 4 feet off the floor...Merry Christmas Eve! Auggie McAuggerson signing off...Woof!