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Panoramas are fun to take and fun to make
Tuesday, September 11, 2012
By Brenton White, Cruising Enthusiast

Good day, fellow cruise enthusiast!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11, and, so far, I haven't heard of any other attacks on the United States or any other country for that matter. This is good news.

What I want to talk about today is how much fun it is to take and make panoramas. There is just something about surveying a view from the ship, a vista point, or just a street scene and imagining a panorama to share with friends and family. As I prepare my shots, I move the camera from let to right and right to left to get a good idea of what I want to include. I imagine the final scene with all my areas of interest included. I then snap away.

Generally, I'll take a quick peek at the images in the camera making sure that I've capture the necessary elements and that I have about 30% overlap on the images. I then take another set...remembering to put a divider shot of the ground or sky between them, just to make sure I've captured this panoramic memory.

Where is the fun you ask? It is in knowing that I am taking the shot and it will be mine! Okay, this is a bit pompous, but what good is taking a trip and not being able to rub it in to my friends? Alright, I don't really rub it in, I use it to convince folks that there is a big, beautiful world out there that they should see--and my panoramas are proof of that.

Next, I get to experience the location that I just shot and take it all in. I follow this by going back to my cabin (or hotel room) and make the panorama to see exactly what I captured and how it turned out. This is the "rest" of the fun for me. I don't know about you, but I love seeing a panorama come to life, play with the image in my photo editing software, and then print it (when I get home!) for mounting, framing, and hanging.

I want you to get out there and take panoramas of your favorite places and share your panorama memories on Cruise on the Web. If you have any question on how to do this, please review the information for taking and making panoramas on this site. Today, we posted over 80 new panoramas taken by Karla Cordero from all over the world for you to enjoy. But the world is a big place and our panorama community needs your help in unveiling this world through panoramas.

Now, back to the anniversary of 9/11. We all learned different lessons from that fateful day. For me it was a stark reminder that life can end in a moment's notice. I did not know anyone personally who died on 9/11, but I plan to keep their memory in my heart and live each day to the fullest (although maintaining a Web community sometimes seems overwhelming) and see and capture as much of this beautiful world as I can--and do it for you and with you when we can.

Let me know what's on your mind with regard to cruising and panoramas, and please contribute to our Forums in our Community section to share your thoughts about our topics.

Until we meet on board,

Brenton White